Our Brews

Wheat heart 

Wheat Ale

One of the earliest recipes from our homebrewing days, this is a light crisp refreshing wheat brew.
The aroma has hints of banana, corriander and orange peel. Wheat and pale malts combine to give
Wheatheart its subtle flavor. The best companion for a summer picnic or seafood bake.


Pale Ale

True to its name, this beer would never boast that it’s our best, but we will.
Highliner is light and refreshing. Its grapefruit flavor is backed up by a slight
citrus aroma and a clean crisp finish.



For the Hop Heads. It boasts a medium body. Toasted English malts provide the
backbone of this brew. A mix of English and American hops combine for an aromatic
experience of pine and citrus. Spicy and hoppy finish.

Barrel Stove Brown

Brown Ale

Named for one of the most popular gathering spots on the island. Roasted malts
and hints of coffee flavor make this medium bodied brew the perfect choice for those
who enjoy something a little more malty.